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WINGI's Terms and Conditions
WINGI    2 years ago
Using Wingi requires a certain kind of responsibility. Should a user disrespect any of the following terms and conditions, their account may be blocked and his posts deleted.
How does the Contest work?
WINGI    2 years ago
Do you want to monetize your Wingi efforts? Don't miss the contest section where multiple contests will be announced.
How do Ideas work?
WINGI    2 years ago
What is the sorting system on the hompeage? How can I earn prestige points and improve the position of my posts? How can I react to other posts? All about that here.
How to get more Prestige?
WINGI    2 years ago
Prestige is Wingi's most valuable currency. It is the basis for the position of your posts on the overview pages and it determines your share of the Pot. Find out how to get it!
How do Discussions work?
WINGI    2 years ago
Creating discussions and participating in them is one of many ways to increase your prestige. You can even involve other users whose opinions you are interested in.
How do the Debates work?
WINGI    2 years ago
Everything you need to know about Debates - a dynamic Wingi feature which ensures the interaction among users of the same language. Which debates are obligatory and which ones will cost you prestige points should you refuse to participate? Read more..
How do the Badges work?
WINGI    2 years ago
For your activity on Wingi you may earn several badges. While they will surely look great on your profile page, they will also heavily increase your prestige level.
How does Versus work?
WINGI    2 years ago
Not everyone will agree with your ideas and not always will you agree with the ideas of others. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Create a Versus post where both of you can compete for other people's favor and earn some prestige points in the process.
How do Circles work?
WINGI    2 years ago
Wingi allows you to create Circles to connect authors with the same interests or topics. All about them in this guide.
What to write about?
WINGI    2 years ago
Ideas cannot be measured. WINGI allows users of the whole world to write about impactful global topics as well as the pettiest sillinesses which either bring joy to their author or simply need to be vented.
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