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WINGI's Terms and Conditions
Using Wingi requires a certain kind of responsibility. Should a user disrespect any of the following terms and conditions, their account may be blocked and his posts deleted.
1. User must avoid plagiarism.

2. No personal attacks, racism, hate, defamation, bullying and any kind of unlawful conduct will be tolerated.

3. Every user has the full right to edit and delete his texts and use them in any way they see fit outside of Wingi.

4. Posts co-created by other people such as debates and discussions cannot be deleted completel. The user may only delete their own contributions.

5. The amount of money in the pot is decided by the website manager and they reserve the right to change it due to any reason.

6. The manager of the website reserves the right to change the amount of prestige awarded for any activity. However, the change will influence all users equaly and they will be informed of the change at least 10 days prior.

7. The manager of the website decides the period upon which the pot will be distributed among the users. This period is called COMPETITION PERIOD.

8. The money withdrawn by a user will be send to them within a month since the withdrawal.

9. By using this website, the user agrees to these terms and conditions.

10. The user is responsible for the correct payment data. The manager of the website is not responsible for any consequences which might happen due to incorrect payment data insertion.

11. The manager of the website reserves the right to block the account of any user who breaches these terms and conditions and to delete his posts.

12. The manager of the websites has the right to block or delete any account connected to a suspicious activity whose aim is to sabotage, disrupt, or exploit the website's mechanics.
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