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How do Ideas work?
What is the sorting system on the hompeage? How can I earn prestige points and improve the position of my posts? How can I react to other posts? All about that here.

Any user logged into Wingi may publish his ideas. You can write about anything (see the "What to write about?" guide). That being said, authors can sort their articles into one of six main categories - POLITICS, SCIENCE, ETHICS, SOCIETY, HUMAN, CULTURE - to increase the chances their article will find its audience.


On the right panel, there is an option to include a link to other articles you want to react to with your post - either positively, neutrally, or negatively. Just like every other post, you can connect your article to any Circle you are a member of.


For your post you can either earn or lose 10 prestige points for every upvote and downvote from other authors.


The position of your post on the homepage is dependent on the intersection of three factors. One of them is the level of your prestige at the moment of publishing. The second one is the recency of the article. Lastly, the third one is the upvote/downvote balance of your post. Therefore even authors with lower prestige levels may find their posts above authors with a higher prestige given the right circumstances.

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