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What to write about?
Ideas cannot be measured. WINGI allows users of the whole world to write about impactful global topics as well as the pettiest sillinesses which either bring joy to their author or simply need to be vented.
The heads of every one of us are heavy with ideas, theories and impressions. They may be of cosmic proportions, or they may be microscopical, seemingly useless pieces of information in the history of all of existence.

Issues of global relevance are commonly discussed. War, politics, ecology. Of course they have a greater priority than e.g. the shade of beer in the southermost European pub in February 1965.

Most of people would probably dismiss the latter, as interesting as it may be, as a useless piece of information with no practicle value to lose your time over. It is however the benefit of the virtual space that there is enough space for all spectrum of thinking. At the same time, a lot of people are priviliged enough to afford not dealing with pragmatical problems only. They are the kind of people who have stepped up on the hierarchy of needs to the higher stages where the goal is not to just ensure your existence, but to enjoy it in a peculiar individual way. The higher the stage, the more specific, deeper and more obscure are the ideas bringing joy.

Of course, there are many people now who actually do have to fight to ensure their existence and they cannot reach the higher stages. That only makes it more urgent for us - luckier people - to realize our privilege to explore the petinesses of our world. After all it may be taken from us any time. And if these pettinesses bring us joy, we owe to ourselves to delve in them no matter what the abstract body called society thinks of it.

That is why WINGI offers a free space to anybody to write about anything in any language without double checking if someone is interested in hearing that. It is not necessary.
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