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How do the Debates work?
Everything you need to know about Debates - a dynamic Wingi feature which ensures the interaction among users of the same language. Which debates are obligatory and which ones will cost you prestige points should you refuse to participate? Read more..

Any user logged into Wingi may create debates. All you need to do is choose an opponent who speaks the same language as you and challenge him with your first argument. Your opponent will have a week to answer. Once the first round has ended, every debate participant has only two days to react to the next argument.


If any of the participants fails to react to a debate marked as "obligatory" in a given time period they will lose 100 prestige points. The aim of this feature is to support the creation of debates, make users react to other people's challenges and support active authors.


However, to prevent an uncontrollable influx of debates the author has no chance to react to, only a small number of debates are obligatory at a time. Specifically, only the first 10 debates on your challenge list are obligatory. Debates marked as "optional" are indeed optional as you won't lose your prestige points if you ignore them before they change to "obligatory" again. You can check your debate challenges in the Challenges section marked by the little flag on the top bar.


The creator of the debate may earn and lose prestige points for every upvote and downvote of the whole post from other users. Both of the participants can earn prestige points for every vote they receive for the debate from other user. Hence you've got nothing to lose by accepting the challenge.

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