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How does the Contest work?
Do you want to monetize your Wingi efforts? Don't miss the contest section where multiple contests will be announced.

The higher your contribution to the web's traffic and readership, the higher your reward! The readership of your posts is expressed by the amount of unique visitors your posts attract. Unique visitors are recognized thanks to their IP addresses.

The portion of your readers out of the total readers of all posts on WINGI in the given period will determine your share of the reward. The aim of the contest is to bring WINGI to life. More active users means more contests with higher rewards!


One of the most important functions on which the Wingi project has been built is the pot system. Currently, there are no ads on the website. The goal is to increase traffic and content to allow for Google Adsense ads. Once they are set up, they will allow for more frequent competitions and higher rewards.

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